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Thread: Borehole cut off programming

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    Borehole cut off programming

    Having a completely brain freeze on this so forgive me if its a simple solution.I have a client that is off mains water in Africa and has a borehole and pump feeding a small 1500l water tank.We want to programme this into the Lutron via Time clock for switching on the borehole pump and a 2 wire contact closure float switch for triggering a QSE-IO to switch off the zone controlling the pump. But I cant get my head around how to assign the float switch into the QSE-IO input tab. Incidentally, I also need to assign an input from the Victron Invertor system CCO to a QSE-IO so that I can load shed and prohibit the borehole running when there is no electric supply and we are running on battery but that principle should be the same. Many Thanks in advance A

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    If the switch is wired to a contact closure output from the QSE-IO, then it would be assigned under the output tab, not the input tab. Under Design > Equipment, highlight the QSE-IO then click the Output tab. You can create a new CCO load that corresponds to your switch by clicking Assign... on the correct output zone, then click New Load in the assignment window. This creates a new CCO load. When you go to the timeclock to program this switch, it will show under Assignable Items > Contact Closures.

    If you are wiring an input into the QSE-IO and need that to trigger something within Homeworks, then you don't need to assign anything to the input. You can go directly to Program > Devices, then select the QSE-IO. You will see the five inputs on the left side as if they were keypad buttons. You can double click to rename them. Then you can program what happens on the close and open actions using the menu on the righthand side.

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