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Thread: Transfer fails Win 10 and 12.6

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    Transfer fails Win 10 and 12.6

    I've set up Inclusive on a new machine that uses Windows 10 Pro x64. I've loaded up a project to edit a timeclock event.

    It seems to take an unusually long time to do a transfer to a two repeater system. It was hung up a 48% for more than 5 minutes at the DualActionProgrammingMode stage. It only just now popped loose from that and is still grinding slowly forward.

    Two past failures took 13 and 15 minutes, respectively, before they gave up with a Transfer Unsuccessful.

    I quit/restarted the Ra2 program, and cold booted the machine, with no success. One that was running while I was typing this died as well, also at the 13 minute mark. But this one, at least, did succeed in making at least one of the main repeaters "beep" like it normally does during a transfer. The previous tries did not.

    Has anyone else run into this and found the cause/solution?

    I'm going to power-cycle the repeaters next.

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    aaaand now they're in safe mode. wth?

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    Push a firmware update. Sometimes that clears the repeaters brain. How are they both on the network? If possible put them both on the same switch.

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    Took a good two hours to rectify it. Had to power them off individually and have them on the same network switch. Had to do one, reconnect them both, disconnect the first updated one and then update the other. Then once it saw everything, do a transfer... which fails on some devices as moving them to where doing updates would work was not near their original location. But once a 'mostly successful' transfer was done, I moved them back in place and got the remaining ones updated.

    Why they decided to freak out is anyone's guess. Pretty darned annoying is what it was.

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