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Thread: 12.9 Software crashing

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    12.9 Software crashing

    I recently update to RadioRa 2 12.9 software (I must have missed 12.8) and every time I try to open a new project it crashes and never loads past 0%. The only error message I get is when I try to open an existing project, which reads "[10681] : An error occurred while opening this file. This file cannot be opened."Although one time I did receive a .NET framework message, I did not see a code within the message but I did notice a couple lines having "SQL" something or other. Since that one time pop up I haven't seen it show up.

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    I have been getting a lot of crashes 12.7,12.8. Haven't used 12.9 yet. Some times my fix is to create a new file then once the software loads I can open my old file.

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    Hello! We apologize for the software issues you're running into. Some different steps to try would be to uninstall the software and all version of SQL Server in Add or Remove programs, and then reinstall it. You can also run the .net Framework Repair Tool from Microsoft's support site to see if that helps. For further assistance, we suggest you call in to 1 (800) 523-9466 for live assistance.

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