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Thread: Migrating away from Insteon - Ra2 Select Questons

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    Migrating away from Insteon - Ra2 Select Questons

    We're wrapping up the construction of a new shop/studio outbuilding on our property and I've decided to move away from Insteon as it seems like that company is going out of business and finding inventory is becoming increasingly difficult. They have also discontinued black switches as well as their micro controllers that allow you to use your own "dumb" switches so it really does appear they are actively trying to remove themselves from the market as a competitor. In all honesty, Caseta has most of the functionality I'm looking for and 50-devices is plenty for this building but like many others, I simply can't stand the design aesthetics of Caseta and the 3x premium for the Maestros is probably worth it given we're only talking about a dozen devices. I've been researched this but I am finding conflicting information so I wanted to ask a few very simply questions if I could please.1) Can Ra2 Select dimmers (not picos) be programmed to turn on lights to a preset dim level? I know this is something Caseta can NOT do without that even uglier switch with the favorite button. 2) Does Ra2 Select require any special training or classes in order to access/program the hub?3) Custom dimming ramp rates seem to be limited to the full Ra2 system, which is unfortunate but a "want" rather than a "need". Is this also true when activating scenes via a Pico remote or is that just specific to the dimmer itself?Thanks
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    If you are OK with Select, I would look at the full RA2. The only difference is the hub and bridge. You need to take the free online course which is fairly easy if you pay attention. Can be done in a weekend. Ra2 can do everything you are looking for and more (keypads, etc)
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    I agree with Evan. Buy a Ra2 main repeater off Ebay and take the class, the ability to use keypads is sooo nice.

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    RA2 Select cannot be set to turn on lights to a preset level. Which is one thing that drives me crazy. Much cheaper competitors can, but neither Caséta nor RA2 Select can. So I fully endorse the recommendation to go for the full RadioRA 2 system. One other big plus is the ability to add real keypads to the system. Totally worth the training and marginal cost.

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    Hi all, Just an update. I have taken the class and upgraded my software to Essentials. I also have a main repeater (from ebay) and a couple of switches on that way to start experimenting. I have to say that once I got a handle on it, the software is a much nicer way to set everything up than an app. Thanks so much for all the input!

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    Also... What does it cost for new keypad engraving/color/button change w/o a certificate? Just curious what the actual savings on a used keypad really is. Thanks.

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    You can buy engraving certificates on eBay.

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