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Thread: Occupancy sensor issues with Inclusive and Lutron Connect

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    Occupancy sensor issues with Inclusive and Lutron Connect

    I am having some issues with my occupancy sensor + Inclusive + Lutron Connect.

    The first issue is that whatever vacancy delay I set in Inclusive gets tacked on to whatever the manually-programmed delay on the sensor is. So if I have the delay on the sensor set to five minutes and the delay in the software set to 30 minutes, the lights don't turn off after 30 minutes but after 35 minutes. The situation is the same if I reverse the times. If Inclusive is set to five minutes and the delay on the sensor is 30 minutes then the lights stay on for 35 minutes.

    Is this stacking of delays how it's supposed to work? I suspect that this is just how it works but not necessarily how it is intended to work because it doesn't make any sense to me. When you're setting up delays in Inclusive you are flying totally blind unless you personally set the delay of every single sensor. Why on earth is RR2 paying any intention to the delay set on the sensor?

    The next issue I have is the status of lights in the Lutron Connect app, and this issue is more serious. When the lights in the room come on Lutron Connect shows that the lights are on as expected but Lutron Connect relies on the vacancy sensor to tell it when the lights are off. In both examples above the lights stay on for 35 minutes but LC will show that the lights have turned off after five minutes (first example) or after 30 minutes (second example).

    Here is why this is a major problem. Due to the stacking of delays, it only makes sense to set the delay on the sensor to one minute. That way the actual delay for the lights to turn off is one minute more than what you set in Inclusive. So if Inclusive is set to 120 minutes the lights actually turn off after 121 minutes. But the app will always show that the lights turned off after one minute even if they are on for two more hours. This is how I would expect some cheap, poorly designed, off-brand Chinese junk to work. Someone please tell me that this is user error and I am doing something wrong!

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    I made some other peculiar Lutron Connect discoveries which I'll post here just for the benefit of anyone who might find this in a search, since there is no documentation. But I consider this behavior a bug. Just like I consider it a bug that Lutron Connect shows that the lights are off even though they are still on. So I hope someone from Lutron is reading this thread.

    Let's say you have a five minute delay on the sensor and a 10 minute delay in the software for a total of 15 minutes. If you walk out of the room and wait five minutes Lutron Connect will indicate that the lights are off even though they are still on. I explained this above.

    If you walk back in the first five minutes during the sensor delay then the 15 minute timer starts all over and Lutron Connect will indicate the lights are on for five minutes after you leave the room. After five minutes LC will show the lights are off even though they are still on for 10 more minutes.

    But if you walk back in after the sensor delay expires and Lutron Connect shows the lights are off (between 5-15 minutes) then different things happen in the app depending on your occupancy settings.

    If you have the occupancy setting turned on in software then when you walk back in the 15 minute countdown starts over again and Lutron Connect will show that the lights are on once again.

    But if you do not have the occupancy setting turned on in the software then when you walk back in after five minutes the 15 minute countdown starts over again but Lutron Connect still indicates the lights are off. After the five minutes expire someone can be in that room all day long and the lights will be on, but you would NEVER know it by looking at the app. The app becomes totally blind to this room because of the stupid occupancy sensor!

    In this last case, it doesn't matter if you have the occupancy setting turned on in the sensor, Lutron Connect will only start over if occupancy is turned on in software. THIS IS NONSENSICAL! Sometimes Lutron Connect pays attention to the sensor over the software and sometimes it pays attention to the software over the sensor.

    I'm explaining a lot of different scenarios and I'm trying to be as clear as I can. Hopefully this all makes sense. In any case, the way Lutron Connect & Inclusive deal with occupancy sensors, as explained in these two posts, is a complete mess and needs to be fixed!

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    The think I like least about the app is that when you turn a dimmer on by pressing the top icon it comes on at 100%. I have my dimmers set at 75% when using the physical toggle.

    I don't like the limitations of the occupancy sensor programming in the Lutron software. I have scenarios that include time of day and light levels that are not easily programmed in the software. So I use a Hubitat to run all the conditional lighting actions. It works great. There's also a lot more selection of sensors that one can use to automate a RadioRA 2 system. In addition to Lutron sensors (that are linked to lights in Hubitat, not Lutron) I use a mix of Zigbee sensors. I use Hue sensors where I want to measure light levels and NYCE sensors that are more compact and easily hideable. Most Zigbee sensors also measure humidity making it easy to automate bathroom fans.

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    I have Hubitat and just started using it when I bought the new version of the hub which I know requires some work to move everything over. I only had a handful of devices on there so I stopped programming and have just been lazy about making the switch to the new hub but I suspect I'll be doing most of my lighting automation through Hubitat.

    I use the Android app and I wonder if the same app inconsistencies exist with the iPhone version? Is anyone willing to test if the iPhone version indicates lights are off after the sensor delay expires even though the lights are still on for the duration of the software delay?

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