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Thread: Serena Shade won't pair to Caseta hub

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    Serena Shade won't pair to Caseta hub

    Hi,I had ~16 Serena honeycomb shades installed this week, which all look great - our installer set them all up with pico remotes and they all worked when they left. I then went through and added all the shades and picos to our Caseta hub so I could control them through Alexa. This worked great for all but one shade, which just refuses to pair with the hub (it's pico has been moved to the hub). I've reset it several times (validating the alternating red/green flash at the end of the reset procedure). When I go to add device in the app, the green light on the shade does flash after ~30sec or so. When I hold down the button to pair I do then get the fast blinking. But the app never shows anything. It's in the middle of a bunch of other shades that paired so I don't think it's a distance/signal issue.Any ideas on what I can do? Is there a stronger reset than the standard documented one?Thanks so much,Daniel

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    RF will do some weird stuff. I've seen the middle dimmer in a 3-gang not want to enroll but the others in the same box did.

    Try moving the bridge. Sometimes a foot will do the trick. After it enrolls you can probably put the bridge back where it was.
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    I agree with randyc. We've seen unusual things like this occasionally with RF. One thing to check: Make sure that the shade is within 30ft of the Caseta bridge. If it is not, then you'll need to add a signal repeater to the system to increase the RF range. The model number of the signal repeater is PD-REP-WH.

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    Thanks a lot folks! Will try moving the hub around. The green light on the shade does flash when I put the hub in add device mode - I had thought that meant the shade was in range. You guys think the hub could be out of range to pair even though its in range to flash the light to go into add mode?

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