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Thread: Strobing when motion sensors are triggered

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    Strobing when motion sensors are triggered

    I recently started having problems with our Caseta switch turning our outdoor lights on and off repeatedly like a strobe light when 3rd party integrated devices sense motion (Ring video doorbell and Arlo cameras via Alexa). I've tried using only one of these at a time but the same problem still happens. This didn't use to happen. It just started recently, in the last few months. It is the only switch for the 5 outdoor halogen bulbs and all 5 bulbs are still working. I haven't yet tried swapping out any of the bulbs, but since they're not LED bulbs, I didn't think it was a minimum load issue. Manual use of the switch results in normal expected use - no strobing.

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    Hi,This kind of issue usually does not happen when controlling halogen or incandescent lighting loads. We would recommend trying to change the lamps out to either another set of Halogen lamps or trying to use compatible LED lamps. You can find a list of compatible LED lamps @ Please let us know what your findings are.

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