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Thread: Caseta Smart Bridge Won't Connect or Reset

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    Unhappy Caseta Smart Bridge Won't Connect or Reset

    Hi everyone, I bought a refurbished caseta kit on Amazon with a smart dimmer, hub and pico remote. I installed the dimmer and it's working great! But, I can't get the bridge to connect. I've been at this all day. My bridge is the BDG-1 (L-BDGPRO). Below are the things I tried to make it work. 1. Replaced the ethernet cable. 2. Power cycled my router and the hub 3. Uninstalled the Caseta app and recreated an account, did that a couple of times 4. Tried to enter demo mode on the app (doesn't work) 5. Uninstalled DDWRT and reversed to the factory firmware of my router (WRT32X) 6. Disabled firewall and gave the hub a static local IP 7. Tried to connect on my iPad 8. Held the hub's black button for 10, 20, 30 seconds (it doesn't do anything) 9. Did the press 3 times, on the third press hold for 10 seconds and press 3 times again, it doesn't do anything, i.e. no change in the lights. I do see the bridge on my router's dashboard or when I scan the network using Fling. Can anybody help me? This is getting over my head.

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    Hello. The L-BDGPRO is a first generation bridge that is now obsolete (for about five years or so now) and would not be able to firmware update when connected to the internet after April 2018. You would need a L-BDGPRO2-WH Caseta bridge as a replacement. I would try to get the retailer to replace the unit or contact Lutron Tech Support to see what your options are.

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    Lutron uses MULTICAST. Many routers have multicast disabled by default.

    Make sure your modem is in bridge mode. Smart devices like phones and computers are good at finding the Internet. Dumb devices like printers and the Caseta bridge need some help.
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