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Thread: 4-way in a 3-way circuit.

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    Smile 4-way in a 3-way circuit.

    I have three switches in the kitchen controlling 12 recessed 50w bulbs(600w Halogen total). I'll replace these with LED's ASAP. There is a 4-way in the middle of the two three ways. I'm about to install the Caseta PD-6WCL. Q. Can I just leave the 4-way (and possibly the end of line dumb 3-way) & install the Caseta dimmer. I'm not sure yet what switch has the feed, yet. I could use the Pico elsewhere in stead of faking the 3way at end of line with Pico. Help is appreciated. This is my first attempt at home Auto. I'm using a Google nest hub & mini, Sono's One's for voice control. Tks.

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    In a traditional 3-way/4-way circuit power comes in at one end, goes through the switches and up to the light at the other end. The 6WCL is a single location dimmer. For it to work you will need to get power or the load back to the end where the dimmer is. If you don't remove the 3-way and 4-way you risk someone flipping one of them and the 6WCL not working at all.

    You don't have to put Pico's in the 3-way/4-way locations. The Pico is a battery operated device and can go anywhere. If you don't want control at the 3-way/4-way locations just use blank inserts or dummy switches.
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    Page 36-40.

    You cannot just leave the other switches.

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    I had the same problem.

    I'm not sure if there's a way to wire a 4-way circuit to work in a Caseta-controlled circuit. I am using a PD-10NXD, and despite following the advanced instructions, couldn't get it working. I would be curious to hear if you got it working.

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