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Thread: PD-5ANS & PD-6ANS Delayed Lights ON

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    Question PD-5ANS & PD-6ANS Delayed Lights ON

    Just installed a 3-way PD-5ANS switch with PICO remote at second location to operate recessed LED ceiling lighting (4 bulbs) in the dining room. After installation and confirming the wiring, everything worked once the circuit breaker power was turned back on. Lights/green LED came on when I pressed the ON switch. Turned off when I pressed the OFF switch. The problem comes after the first ON-OFF cycle. When I press ON again, the lights do not turn on immediately and take anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds to turn on. Note the LED on the switch turns on as soon as the ON button in pressed long before the lights come on. Then, when I turn them off, the LED bulbs sometimes flicker on and off a half dozen times for about half a second. I also installed a PD-6ANS switch (single-pole) to operate 4 more identical bulbs in the kitchen with the exact same behavior. What is causing this delay? Is this a LED bulb compatibility issue? Currently, I'm using ECOSMART 5W 5000K (SKU 1001654247 Model 1003018602) bulbs. Unable to find these in the Lutron LED Compatibility Tool website nor am I able to locate the PD-5ANS or PD-6ANS to see what is compatible. To make matters confusing, I also installed a PD-6WCL dimmer that works perfectly with the same LED bulbs (6 bulbs) on the same circuit. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for everyone's time.
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    Make sure you have the neutral connected to the switch. Not all white wires are neutrals.
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    May also want to test an incandescent bulb on the circuit to see how it performs. If it works well you may just need to add a LUT-MLC to the circuit with the LED's.

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