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Thread: Caseta Wireless Switch (non-dimming) Setup Problem

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    Caseta Wireless Switch (non-dimming) Setup Problem

    Hello! I just installed Caseta switches throughout my apartment and I can't get the last switch to make it through the setup process. When I hold the off button for 10 seconds to get the leds to blink quickly, the leds start blinking slowly at around 8 seconds and it never makes it into setup mode. Does Lutron publish error codes for these switches anywhere? Also, turning the lights on/off stopped working. It was definitely working for at least several minutes when I first installed the switch. If it makes any difference: this is an interior switch which controls 2 or 3 exterior lights on the roof of the building. I'm worried that I've wired something incorrectly and I'll be calling an electrician tomorrow unless anybody knows of a more obvious fix? Thanks!

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    Try resetting the device back to factory defaults. Triple-tap and hold until the LEDs flash, then triple-tap and release.

    There is also some info in the advanced instructions.
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    Ah. It seems the three outdoor light bulbs are of the high wattage HID variety. I bet I'm just overloading the switch. Will attempt to swap to LEDs and report back.

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    Took a look at all the light bulbs and they are HPS70W/MED/ED17.There appear to be 4 of them on the circuit. 4 * 70W = 280W, which is less than half the max wattage of the PD-5ANS (600W).The bulbs are 'high pressure sodium' which I'm unfamiliar with. Attempting to search for compatibility isn't turning up much.Anybody know if these bulbs are incompatible with caseta switches for some reason?

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    Wow, ok. I've learned a few things: 1. These light fixtures have sensors that turn them off in daylight and that was making everything super confusing. 2. These lights are HPS (high pressure sodium) which has a warm up period and is probably totally incompatible with what the Caseta switch is trying to do. 3. The switch can power the lights and works correctly ... but fails to setup or reset or do anything "smart". I suspect this is because the bulb doesn't respond as expected and the switch gets confused. So I will be replacing all these fixtures with LED fixtures.

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    With HPS you need to use the AMP rating of the transformer, not the bulb wattage. During warm-up they could draw 2x their normal current.
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