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Thread: Multiple Smart Bridge Pro on the same Job?

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    Caseta will work fine, and at less than 1/3 the cost of Radio RA2. Multiple Caseta systems installed together does not make a "cobbled" system, and it will work correctly. I understand why RadioRA2 dealers want to sell this much more expensive system (and profitable). For what Phillip has described, Caseta will work fine when set up correctly, which is not difficult.

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    Similar application

    Quote Originally Posted by Skyking View Post
    A few weeks ago I joined the forum so that I could see if perhaps I could get some design suggestions. My post was never approved, you can't email the moderator(s) and so I just gave up. Today, researching the matter again I decided to see if I had been authenticated - and I had! But my post was never approved. It was held for moderation and in a rookie mistake I did not copy and retain what I had written... Maybe if a/the mod sees this post they can look for my previous submission and approve it?

    I have dabbled with Z-wave technology and I am a highly experienced home network builder. I am finishing up a new construction build on our very rural property. We are two hours from the nearest major city so I am on my own with design and implementation. I would like to get it right the first time without learning that I cannot do what I want after buying a bunch of gear. I want to do a lot, but I am going to boil it down to these factors:

    1 - Current 2500 square foot residence that is long to maximize our view into the woods.
    2 - Current outbuilding that is about 70' away.
    3 - Just completing a 5000 (50'x100') square foot shop with an apartment inside and a welded steel storm shelter under the slab below the apartment.

    The furthest point is from the east end of the existing home to the west end of the new shop and that distance is ~250'. And the shop is steel so effectively a Faraday cage. Ditto the storm shelter. A Faraday cage inside of a Faraday cage. That is the setup.

    I am running a mesh network with seven routers, so I have WiFi everywhere. Even in the storm shelter. But lighting control is vexing me. My electrician loves Lutron products and so I am trying to see if I can do a Lutron solution.

    Again, I want do a lot of things throughout all three buildings, but the distances involved present issues. At the far end of the shop there are a couple of light switches I want to integrate into my setup so that I can turn them on and off via a phone app or some other method so that I do not have to physically go there. From the apartment to that far end is about 75’. From the other buildings on the property it is obviously much further than that. Basically all options are on the table, except for the fact that I will have to do this myself.

    Using a single Smart Bridge Pro, even with the one range extender (Why is that limited? It seems like a real impediment to my solution and something Lutron should try and fix.), won't get it done. Z-wave controller manufacturer's (Wink, SmartThings) are going to a monthly subscription model. Where I formerly could hook several Z-wave controllers up with Ethernet and essentially have a mesh setup, now I would be looking at paying the monthly fee on maybe 5-6 of them. That is nuts. Sure, I'll pay a monthly recurring fee for one, but 5-6? No.

    The OP started this thing asking about using multiple Smart Bridge Pro devices on the same job. I hoped when I opened it someone would have really fleshed out how to setup something that I could replicate, but I don't see that from the replies. So, how do I get to where I want to be with this project?


    i have a very similar set up, I have 1700 square feet and then a 6000 square foot shop about 160 feet behind my house.

    have you gotten all set up with caseta? If so how has it been reliability wise and how was it setting up two bridges? or did you end up going with RA2?

    Thank you!

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    There is no technical issue with having multiple Caseta bridges in the same home. You only need 1 email/Lutron account. You treat each bridge like a separate home. Instead of something like "Raleigh Home" and "Beach House" you might have "1st Floor" and "2nd Floor." They won't talk to each other so you will need to switch "homes" in the app. That's pretty easy to do.

    It's not fair to compare RA2 and Caseta based on price alone. That's like comparing a $30k Ford to a $60k BMW. The have some similar features but they are not the same. A couple of biggies is RA2 supports up to 200 devices as a single system, has true keypads, and operates as a single system.
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