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Thread: Two lights were paired to the pico remote. Now only one is...can't solve!

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    Two lights were paired to the pico remote. Now only one is...can't solve!

    Just moved into a house with lutron lighting. We do not have a hub/bridge - only the light switches remain. One of the pico remotes turned on the living room lights and our porch light at the same time. This annoyed me. So, I factory reset the pico remote, paired the dimmer switch with the porch...but now the living room lights won't turn off. I do not know where the switch to the living room lights are so I cannot figure out how to turn them off. I suppose I'm just asking how to repair the living room lights and the porch light back the way they were, because when I follow every step about pairing, it doesn't work. The lights on the dimmer switch just blink all together fast then turn out, instead of blinking up and down.Is it possible that the old owner of the house set it up this way in the app and now that I don't have the hub, I'm out of luck?

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    You need to factory default the master dimmers/Switches first. Then pair the Pico remote back to the devices you want it to control. Check this video out which covers the defaulting process. The process is quick and should be done in about 6 seconds. You will need to find the Living Room dimmer switch in order to default and add it back to the Pico remote. You do not need the hub to do this as there is no setting that would prevent this from a previous setup.

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