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Thread: visor control transmitter compatibility

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    visor control transmitter compatibility

    A couple of questions, are the visor control remotes the same across Lutron systems - ie. classic radio ra, Homeworks HWI, RR2, HWQS, etc. work interchangeably? Obviously they don't use Clear Connect so they can be compatible with Homelink. Also, what technology does it use? Rolling code? Would it be possible to use a standard off the shelf remote for these and link it via the learn button?

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    Thank you for your post SparkyCoog.

    Not all the Visor Control remotes are the same. The ones used for Ra2 and HWQS are the same and can be used interchangeably. You most likely would not be able to use one of the shelf. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for your reply Josh! Reason I asked was I repurposed a Radio Ra Classic receiver which was no longer used for anything as a plug-in garage door opener. I found some old remotes off ebay to give to family members but was curious what technology it was using in case I couldn't find the old remotes. The original built in opener was Billion Code (Sears Crafstman) but it would no longer pair up with remotes so this turned out to be a neat little solution and gave new life to the old Lutron receiver which would have ended up in a recycle pile. Of course I have to chuckle at how overkill it is to use a part from the once mighty and state of the art Radio Ra classic just to open a garage door!

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