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Thread: New Load

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    New Load


    I need to add a load to a homeworks system that is maxed out on wireless zones and I have no free wired zones. I understand I can add a new processor o add more wireless zones but that cost is hard to justify for just one zone. Any creative work arounds? Thanks

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    Thank you for your post oramos.

    If the link is completely maxed out, there is no way around the 100 device limit. Is this a 1 link processor or 2 link? If 2 link, what is on the other link? It could be possible to add it to the other link if compatible. If these options were not available, we would have to look into adding another processor to get more links.

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    Do you REALLY need all those zones to be individual? I've often seen a single light on a zone that can easily be tied to the light next to it. Maybe it's an L shaped hallway with just one light in the corner or something. If you have anything like that, you COULD just tie the two zones physically to one dimmer and use the freed up dimmer to get you out of the jam without getting a whole new processor. Personally, I've learned that if it's even possible to go over the limit, chances are it will go over the limit so I plan on having the extra capacity from the start!

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