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Thread: Issue with PD-5WS-DV

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    Issue with PD-5WS-DV

    I have a wireless switch (not dimmer) PD-5WS-DV that I had successfully installed in a spare room, no longer used, so I tried moving it to another room. The original electrical box only had this one switch, but when I moved to the other room, I had to put it in a 2-gang box. To do so, I removed the tabs on both sides of the switch (the inside tabs were touching the other switch and the outside tabs were riding on top of the side of the box). This is the only thing I did differently with this installation. Now when the switch is turned off, the bulb flashes about every 5 seconds, and pressing the on and off buttons don't work all the time. Also the LED on the switch flashes periodically and occasionally flashes red. The light works fine from the app and Google Home (but the bulb still flashes when off). Is this because I removed the tabs on both sides of the switch or is there something else going on here? How do I fix it?

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    The PD-5WS-DV is a switch that comes with a LUT-MLC that will help provide the unit work with lower LED min loads. If the lighting load you are controlling in the new location is LED, then I would recommend getting a LUT-MLC and installing it at the fixture level. They can be purchased from electrical distributers that sell Lutron products.

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