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Thread: Caseta Dimmer Flashes on, off, then on.

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    Caseta Dimmer Flashes on, off, then on.

    I’m having trouble after about a year or so with this dimmer. It is a dimmer and a remote in this configuration. Using either the dimmer or the remote I get the behavior of essentially the chandelier flashes on and off then back on to the desired brightness. When I use the Lutron App or the Apple Home app, this behavior is not exhibited. The bulb/dimmer/remote configuration is used in at least 4 other locations of my house without this behavior either.

    Can anyone help me understand what’s going on or have seen this before? Older threads talked about bulb compatibility but given this only started recently I don’t believe that would be it. I thought the dimmer was going bad but question that since this behavior isn’t displayed when using either apps.

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    Sometimes compatibility issues can pop up after a few months or even a year. Best to use bulbs tested and approved on the following link.

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