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Thread: PD-6ANS Not working.

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    PD-6ANS Not working.

    I am replacing old Lutron switches with PD-6ANS moved from somewhere else. The blue wire is capped. The white wire is connected to the white in the box. The black wire is connected to the hot, and the red wire to the load. I tested and I see power on the black (hot) and the white ( neutral ), but nothing on the load. If I press the button to turn the light on, nothing happens. The small LED on the switch is not lit. The little tab at the bottom is pressed in. Pulling it out does nothing. I removed the switch and put the old one back and the lights worked. I put the PD-6ANS back and nothing. I tried another PD-6ANS ( also moved from another location ) and it does not work either. Both switches worked before being moved ( about 30 minutes in prior) . I have read a lot of threads here and nobody seems to add closure. So I have no idea how other folk solved this. Any ideas?

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    What is the lighting load being used on the PD-6ANS in this location? Even though this unit has a neutral connection, sometimes if the load is LED and very small, a LUT-MLC may be needed in order to provide more resistance to the load.

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