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Thread: RadioRA bridge update

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    RadioRA bridge update

    I cannot seem to get the update bridge tool to see the bridge. I have tried unplugging and it still will not work. I can find the bridge in the program but not for the update

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    Do you have a first or second generation bridge? If its a first gen, it might have been bricked by a Lutron firmware update cutoff. If it's a first gen at all, call Tech support. It is not unlikely they will just replace it with a Gen 2. If it is a Gen 2 (HomeKit enabled) the firmware tool is useless. It automatically updates firmware from the cloud. Therefore the update tool not functioning is an expected behavior.
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    Just plug into a live in network jack and leave overnight or at least a hour or two. Shouldn't take that long but just to be safe. It will auto pull the update. The update tool is a joke. It crashes every time for me. Never had it work.

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