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Thread: Get ready for a new addition to the Caséta lineup

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    Get ready for a new addition to the Caséta lineup

    I got this message in an email today. Anyone know what it is? Any theories? Get ready for anew additionto the Caséta lineupEverything will beunveiled next week.

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    I saw this outdoor plug on the app about two months ago. When I went to check the next day it was gone. I really like my Caseta system but I have three iDevices Outdoor switches. Lutron was a little too late for me.

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    Great Addition to Casetá lineup

    I think this is a great addition to the Casetá product range. My suggestion, if anyone from Lutron is listening, would be to do a dimming version of this product.

    I can see where you would have outdoor lighting, festoon lights, Christmas lights / LEDs, and so on, that I’d want to be able to dim.

    I have installed a complete Casetá system in my residence. Every single light is on Casetá, including the closet lighting. The simplicity, reliability and convenience of the system is perfect. Controlling the system with Picos is intuitive and simple.

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