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Thread: Options for Alexa controlling single dimmer not individually controlled by keypad

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    Options for Alexa controlling single dimmer not individually controlled by keypad

    In this house, there is a 4 gang box in the kitchen and the entire kitchen is controlled by a Toggle/Room Monitoring button in the breakfast room area. Currently the kitchen can be turned on and off with Alexa. The homeowner however wants to ask Alexa to turn on just the kitchen island lights. The problem is that the kitchen island is not controlled directly by any keypad button because the dimmer itself is right there in the kitchen so if anybody wanted individual control, they would just walk to it. What are my options here and what is the best option?

    I know that I can't use the phantom keypad on the main repeater itself (for some reason). I have also read that I can create a virtual/dummy keypad that's not physically installed, but I really hate doing that. Can I make the kitchen island dimmer a favorite in the app and then have the ability to assign it a voice command? Can I create a homeowner keypad with the app if I have given myself local access (by pushing the button in the back of the connect app)?

    Also, I was looking at the documents and saw that single room scenes and room monitoring toggle buttons can be used on Alexa but what about toggled scenes (Path of light as ra2 calls it)? Let's say I have a "Party scene" that I have created that I also want to toggle - first button press turns on the party scene, second button turns it off. Is there any way to do that with voice commands or would I need to create two different single action scenes?

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    Ok, I'm not very smart. I was reading the documentation and past posts and saw that you couldn't control individual dimmers. Apparently you can! Saved me a lot of time and hassle. By the way, Homeowner keypads only let you do single room toggles. Leaving this here for future googlers who might be looking this up. This forum is invaluable for that.

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