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Thread: pd-6wcl Dimmer doesn't work

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    pd-6wcl Dimmer doesn't work

    I have installed a number of these dimmer switches in my apartment But this last one refused to work correctly. I am just replacing a single on/off switch that controls a LED spot light that is aimed at a scone on the wall. It is not a three-way switch. When I hooked it up and turned the breaker back on, the led light in the switch did not light up and the LED light turned on but at about 50% intensity. Just for grins, I swapped the lead to the Casseta switch and got exactly the same behavior. Put the old switch back in and it works correctly. It is kind of hard to screw up the wiring on these switchs.Do I have a bad switch?

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    It could be that the dimmer may be incompatible with that LED. Do you have a regular incandescent or halogen light somewhere that you could try connecting the dimmer to?

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    Thanks Brian. This is a ceiling mounted LED spotlight (actually wondering if it is a halogen bulb). I am not sure I will be able to change the bulb. Since I had success with the other two sets of LED spotlights with the Casseta dimmers, I thought this one would have worked as well.On the plus side, I was impressed with the ability to wire up the dimmers without a neutral wire. Worked out of the box on the other switches I replaced. The only challenge is cost. The Casetta dimmers are a little pricey. I will post back is I can run some tests on the bulb.

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    So was it the bulbs?

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