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Thread: PD-6WCL suddenly started strobing.

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    PD-6WCL suddenly started strobing.

    I have a PD-6WCL that has been successfully installed with (3) with dimmable LEDs for over a year. Overnight they failed. Correctly working yesterday and today all they do is strobe over and over again. Nothing changed in the installation. I don't believe this is a "compatibility" issue as they have been working for +12 Months. Also, if I replace any of the 3 lamps with a different LED lamp they work correctly. If I remove 1 or 2, they continue to strobe. I can interchange the lamps, but as long as I replace one, the strobing goes away. I have checked the fixture wiring and the switch wiring, and all remains fully connected as was originally installed. Assistance. Thanks,

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    The 6WCL has a minimum load rating. It is typically 1 LED bulb but it could be 3 or more. It is possible that the bulbs got weakened by a surge. Especially since you say replacing 1 with a new bulb makes the strobe stop.
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    I'm having this issue as well, have you had any success in trouble shooting the problem?

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    Sometimes truly incompatible bulbs will work for awhile and then weaken or fail to perform with the dimming signal after a period of time. Teh following link provides lights that have been tested and approved.

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    I was able to replace all 3 bulbs with a 75W LED replacement (vs 60W LED) and all functionality has returned.

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