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Thread: Daisy chain the grey and purple wires on a 0-10v dimmer?

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    Daisy chain the grey and purple wires on a 0-10v dimmer?

    Hello all, I have 6 new LED lights for my garage. It seems to be impossible to find a solid answer on how to hook up all the purple and grey low voltage wires. Do I just simply tie them all together and then back to the dimmer? Link to the lights for reference:

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    You can daisy chain the 10v wiring. Some things to keep in mind:

    10v controls are polarity sensitive. Don't cross the purple/gray.

    In addition to the wattage rating for the line voltage side your dimmer has a Milli-amp for the 10v side. It is sometimes hard to find the mA rating of fixtures but it can limit how many you can loop together.

    Some dimmers have a fixed number of ballast/drivers they can control.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    thanks randyc

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    0-10V dimmer low voltage dimming wires (purple & gray typical)LED pendant, sconce, or ceiling. Refer to manufacturer for dimmer switch installation. walgreenslistens

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