I am trying to wire a T51H timer switch to my bathroom fan. The fan is currently connected by a manual switch with wiring in the picture below.Looks like attachments aren't working so link to picture here: https://ibb.co/RTvkGcDUsing Using a proximity tester I can see that the hot wire is the red wire on top, however I am confused why there are two wires (red and black) connected to the bottom terminal (one on the screw, one in the hole). Neither of these wires is hot. When I wired both to the T51H switch bottom terminal the switch made a loud pop and seems to be broken now. I suspect that either the current draw is too high or perhaps one of the terminals shorted out when I pushed the switch into the wall box and reinstalled the wall plate.Any help would be much appreciated. Is there a way for me to figure out what the black and red wires are to the bottom terminal and how much current they are drawing to see if the T51H switch supports it?