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Thread: 12V LED lighting - Is there a compatible dimmer switch for RA2 Select?

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    12V LED lighting - Is there a compatible dimmer switch for RA2 Select?

    The MRF2-6ELV-120-WH looks close to being what I need, but it is not compatible with RA2 select (or is it?). Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    If you are looking for an ELV dimmer (which it sounds like you are) you need the RRD-PRO. It’s currently the most advanced dimmer Lutron offers for Ra2Select. It claims to be able to do ELV without a neutral but you should really hook it up if at all possible. You could also use an RRD-6NA but that’s the predecessor to the PRO and is now probably discontinued.
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    Hello,To confirm, the RRD-PRO requires a neutral for all ELV applications.Jonathan C.

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