Is anyone else not all that happy with the scheduling in the app update. I have been waiting patiently for the update to allow my occupancy sensory to have the flexibility to make it useful. The scheduling feature was finally added but it seems to be very limited.The good:1- The occupancy sensory can be scheduled to work during certain times. I want it to only work as a night light so the ability to have it only be active between 11:00p and sunrise is great.1- The occupancy sensor can only be programmed to the devices in one room, not multiple2- The sensor can not be set to activate a scene which would be a great workaround to the first problemSolution1- My only solution so far is to delete my entire setup and put all of the lights downstairs in one room so that the sensor can control themWish list item:The system is set up to be a last order system. If I go into the hallway and set off the sensor the lights will go on very low as a night light, the sensor will automatically turn the lights off in 15 minutes. If I choose the to turn a light on then the sensor will turn that light off. I would like the fact that I turned a light on manually to override the sensor for that light. This would take some programming but could certainly be done.