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Thread: RadioRa2 Compability with Juno 2LEDTRIM Series

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    RadioRa2 Compability with Juno 2LEDTRIM Series

    I'm planning a kitchen remodel in a few months where the plans call for use of Juno's 2LEDTRIM lights to replace 6" recessed lighting with incandescent bulbs, currently controlled by a RadioRA2 system that was installed in 2012. The system uses a RRD-H6BRL hybrid keypad and RRD-6D 600w dimmers and a RR-MAIN-REP system repeater. Juno's own dimmer compatibility documentation says RadioRA-RRD-6NA *do* work with these lights but does not indicate the 6D series does. If I want to continue using the system after the remodel, is having an installer come out to replace the 6D dimmers with 6NA dimmers the best solution? I'm assuming a new keypad would be needed as well? Can the repeater and the other dimmers that control lights not being changed still be used?

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    Hi SimSam18, the RRD-6D is not rated to work with LEDs and not something we can recommend. The RRD-6NA has also been obsoleted and replaced with the RRD-PRO dimmer. If you have the LED's entire model number you can search our LED Tool at This is our list of tested and approved LEDs that we recommend, but if your LEDs are not listed it doesn't mean they won't work, only that we may not have tested them. Replacing the dimmer will also require you to have your dealer come out to add the replacement dimmer into your existing system and add it to any programming that has already been done.

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