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Thread: Trouble with lower/raise

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    Trouble with lower/raise

    Hi! I have recently upgraded my Homeworks Illumination to QS and everything works just fine, with one exception. The HWI-keypads lower/raise buttons doesn´t work. When we look at them in the system it says 'Master Lower' on the lower button for example. Does anyone here have any experience of the same problem? Best regards, Hans

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    Thank you for your post halipte.

    Those are the default programming for the raise and lower within the software. If we are having issues with them, first thing we would like to check is the keypad at the correct dipswitch address. If that is all correct we would like to see a project file or if possible a support file to and we investigate this further for you!

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    Thanks For The Great ConTent Sir. I Will also shaer with my Friend & ones again Thanks a lot.Very well explained. Thanks for the share.

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