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Thread: RA2 Select SmartAway / Vacation mode from Pico

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    RA2 Select SmartAway / Vacation mode from Pico

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to see if it is possible to set up the smart away mode from a pico. I want to have a master switch next to the alarm system (or be able to set via telnet) so when we leave the house and set the alarm we can click it to auto-set the smart away mode. Currently, I can only do this from the Lutron app and can't link the scene to a pico.Anyone know If this is possible, seems an oversight if you can't do it. Cheers, Gordon

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    Hello,At this time, it is not possible to assign these functions directly to a Pico. The only way to activate them is through the app interface. We apologize for the inconvenience and will pass your feedback on!Jonathan C.

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