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Thread: PD-FSQN-WH Fan Control Switch

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    PD-FSQN-WH Fan Control Switch

    Renovated and rewired our entire home. Have 4 downlights and a ceiling fan in two of bedrooms.Have dimmer for DL's and that works fine but didn't realize the fan control switch does not control the lights on the ceiling fan.Anything I can do to have a caseta switch control the fan and fan light? Thank you.

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    Most electricians pull a 3-wire cable for ceiling fans. If so, the FSQN will work.

    Lutron says you can "Adjust the speed and control the light of any Homekit™-enabled ceiling fan from Hunter Fan Company – all from within the Lutron App." I have not tried it though.
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    To be clear the PD-FSQN is only designed to control fans. If you are looking to control the lights in the fan with a dimmer you would need to add a separate Caseta dimmer to that location for the lights if you have the correct wiring and room in the wallbox. If you do not, then Randy's suggestion above would be the other solution.

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