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Thread: Lutron HVAC Controller & SeeTemp

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    Lutron HVAC Controller & SeeTemp

    I have an install that has Lutron HVAC Controller with wired sensor, several wireless sensors and a SeeTemp Control The SeeTemp is in an area that's has it's breaker off due to renovations. Since, this is been going on the Lutron HVAC Controller is acting up when the SeeTemp is offline, you can control it from the Lutron Connect App just fine, and the Lights for the Furnace (W) comes up on the HVAC controller box fine, but the HVAC does nothing. Until the SeeTemp is powered back on then it comes on. Is this normal? Does the SeeTemp need to be removed from the system programing temporally? I thought the wired sensor on the HVAC Controller was the only thing 100% required for it to work, and any wireless sensor could go down and still operate.

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    Hello,Normally, you should be able to operate the HVAC controller via the Connect App without a SeeTemp. Two options would be; move the SeeTemp next to the HVAC Controller so it has power until the renovations are done OR try deleting the SeeTemp from the Project file. These might allow the Connect app to work as expected with the HVAC controller. Being paired with the SeeTemp could potentially be causing an error on the HVAC controller preventing control. If you need more support with this unique situation, please email us at or call in to our Technical Support Team. Thank you!Jonathan C.Technical Support1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661)

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