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Thread: Exterior Lights - Two dimmers or add a booster?

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    Exterior Lights - Two dimmers or add a booster?

    Thanks again for any help, I appreciate the community for helping out the newbies!For my new construction house, we'll have approximately 17-20 LED uplights on the exterior of the house. The ones I think I'll be using will be 15W each. The Essentials Program says I'll need a booster with that many, even if using the RRD PRO since it can only handle 250w. Its it best practice to double gang two RRD PROs for this or add the booster and leave it as one dimmer? I just don't know physically where I'd put the booster. Electrician is starting to rough in things in the next week or so and I need to get my builder an answer.Thanks!!

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    That sounds like a lot of uplighting. If I were doing it, it wouldn't be on one zone. I would do at minimum 2 zones, front of house and back of house. If you have bedrooms in the back, you could then have lights on in the front and off in the back for sleeping. If you really have 20 15 watt LED uplights that must be a really big structure. I've almost never used LED 15W low voltage lights. I would strongly consider more than 2 zones. Say for example, it might be best to have a more architecturally dramatic part of the house lit brighter, and the rest of the house dimmer. That way the eye is drawn to the brighter and more visually interesting part of the house. You could also have a booster. It can go in a closet, attic, crawlspace or really anywhere you don't have to look at it and it is accessible.
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    All of my LED low voltage outdoor lights ( are wired to NSi TORK TPX300 Low-Voltage 300-Watt Safety Transformers. I then control the transformers with RRD-8ANS switches. I currently have 4 8ANS's: back yard, back yard accent, front yard, and front yard accent. I can then control the 4 switches via keypads inside the house.

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    A 2nd PRO is cheaper than a booster and, as evan said, you will have the flexibility to control them separately if you want.
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