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Thread: 2 button Caseta with or without neutral wire?

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    2 button Caseta with or without neutral wire?

    I want to install Caseta 2 button, single pole wireless switches that control two different outside lights. Do I want the PD-5WS-DV Pro that has no neutral wire? The current old switches use two blacks. If it matters, there are some neutrals in both boxes. If no neutral is needed on the switches, fine, but is there some current or future reason why I would want a neutral on them?I see the PD-6ANS and PD-5ANS use neutrals and I don't know the difference between them but are their neutrals used as 3-way travellers? My setups are not 3-way. The plan is to use a four button Pico in a car to control these switches.

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    If there's a neutral available to use, you really should use it (i.e. get a neutral-compatible switch). Using a neutral mitigates a lot of weird-isms that can arise with no-neutral switches on small lighting loads etc. The no-neutral switches are good (I have one in my setup), but you should always use a neutral if you can -- they are a better, more robust, and overall more capable solution.

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