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Thread: HWQS outbound integration using Ethernet/telnet to a Linux system : can't login

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    HWQS outbound integration using Ethernet/telnet to a Linux system : can't login

    I am trying to run commands on a Linux PC from a HWQS system. I am using HWQS v15.7. I have an outbound Ethernet device set up to connect to the Linux system. However, the HWQS system does not appear to be able to login to the Linux box. Username, password, IP address, port number all look correct. I can telnet to the Linux system and login with the configured username and password from another PC on the same subnet. The "outboundconnections" command on the HWQS system says "Connection state : Attempting to log in".Here is the full message:Device name : Linux2 HostDevice object ID : 46932Integration IP Address : Integration Port : 23 Socket Number : 10 local port : 10001Connection Type : TelnetIs connected through ethernet : YesConnection retries : 0Authentication sent : NoLogin : lutronConnection state : Attempting to log inSeems like I must be doing something simple wrong. Also, what manual describes commands like "outboundconnections" ? If someone can point me to the doc that describes that command it would be helpful.Thanks,Larry
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    Here is the Lutron integration protocol. Not sure how helpful it will be.

    I have experienced issues in the past with the telnet port number. It should be used in conjunction with the IP address (emphasis on should). Having 2 devices with a the same telnet port should not be an issue. Keep in mind the HQS processor isn't as smart as your PC.
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    Thanks, but that's not helpful. That's just the command set that is used when controlling the HWQS from a command line with telnet. That lets me control the HWQS system from another system. My problem is getting the Lutron system to send commands to other systems.

    I solved my problem by using nc (netcat) to monitor the commands the HWQS system was sending to the target machine port. The HWQS system seems to be confused by the login and password sequence on a Debian Linux system as it is not responding to the "password:" prompt. Since the HWQS outbound integration controls are virtually non existent as far as I can tell I wrote my own controller program on the Linux server. I just opened a socket, bound it to a port, and pointed the HWQS integration to that port. Now I can respond to whatever the HWQS system sends. (BTW, HWQS seems to send CR/LF regularly in what seems to be a keep-alive test. If that behavior is documented somewhere PLEASE point me to the docs. I haven't found it yet.) I also used my method to integrate with Global Cache ITach CC sensors by going through the Linux box. I couldn't get the HWQS system to probe state from the ITach device. But I have a program on the Linux box poll the state on the ITach device, and then use a script on the Linux box to telnet to HWQS set a variable state with #SETVAR. I can then use the variable within the HWQS programming.

    If anyone from Lutron is reading, it sure would be nice we could set up expect/send sequences when configuring outbound integrations.

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