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Thread: Newbie Looking for Essentials Extraction SW

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    Newbie Looking for Essentials Extraction SW

    I have been asked to take over the maint of an existing system. I have taken the course and got Essentials up and running. I have learned from this forum there is an Extraction program that will allow me to interrogate the Main Repeater to get the current setup but I cannot find that software nor any instructions on how to use it. I'd appreciate a pointer. Thank you

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    I have learned from another installer that the Extraction Program is in the Tools menu. I don't see a Tools menu on my version (downloaded today). Is it possibly this is because I need to have a hard wired Ethernet connection to the Main Router in order for this menu to be visible?

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    Hello,Thank you for your inquiry! We recommend reaching out to your local Lutron Rep to ensure that your training credentials have been updated. If the software is in 'Designer' Mode, extraction is not an available option and you will be unable to activate or transfer to a system. You can find your local rep using Jonathan C.

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