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Thread: Does Dimmer Pro work with more LEDs?

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    Does Dimmer Pro work with more LEDs?

    I tried hooking a PD-6WCL to a fixture with 3 8W LED bulbs and it didn't work... the bulbs would glow dimly and the dimmer was unresponsive (didn't light its indicator either). An Insteon dimmer (using a neutral) works fine in the same circuit, so I suppose the Lutron is having trouble because it can't get the power it wants because it doesn't have a neutral. In a case like this would you expect a Dimmer Pro PD-10NXD to work?FWIW the bulbs are G25s from DORESshop ( Not on the compatibility list of course, but I'm trying to make them work because the list doesn't have an 800-lumen G25.

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    Being the PD-10NXD and the PD-5NE have a neutral connection that would give a better chance for the dimmer to work with certain lights, however being that they have not been tested there is no guarantee on the performance.

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    Same issue, different switch

    I have the same issue. Trying to wire a 3-way Caseta PD-6WCL Dimmer - 2 switch locations that control the same 2 light fixtures in a staircase.Original setup was an on/off switch in one location, and a dimmer on the other location and they control 2 light fixtures.. I'd like to wire up the Caseta PD-6WCL wireless dimmer, and id like to use the pico remote in the other location.Ive been trying to solve it using the advanced PDF instructions from the site, but the all i can get is the lights are always on and dim with no response from the switch.I have also tried to swap the switch to the other location, but exact same outcome.The switch is Caseta PD-6WCL I have not installed the bridge yet but i figure its irrelevant until it gets working properly on its own first.. House is new if that makes any difference.The only strange suspect in my wiring is that the bulb wire (load??) in the upstairs wire box activates both fixtures, however the box located at the bottom of the stairs has two individual black wires for each fixture. Not sure if thats a clue or not.Upstairs box is a single switch box and has 1 Red wire and 2 black wires. (the white wires are tucked in the box, i havent touched them).Downstairs box is a 2 gang and the other switch is on different breaker. For the dimmer, it has 1 Red wire and 3 Black wires. (whites tucked in box).

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