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Thread: Caseta Wireless Inwall Wireless Dimmer

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    Caseta Wireless Inwall Wireless Dimmer

    Hello AllI have 11 Caseta Inwall Wireless Dimmer Switches and a smart bridge pro. I can add 10 of these dimmers to my Lutron app on iPhone but one dimmer is not pairing. Like the app say when I press off button on the remote for 10 seconds its blinking but nothing happens on iPhone to move to the screen. I tried to see if there is any issue with the switch and used a pico remote to pair with this switch. That worked like a charm. Is there anything else I can try?CheersRaj

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    Since you paired it outside of the app you will need to reset the dimmer back to factory default (triple-tap, hold, triple-tap).

    RF signals are weird. Try moving the bridge around. Sometimes moving it a foot can make a difference. You may need to add a repeater to boost the RF signal.
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