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Thread: G9 Led Bulb Compatibility

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    G9 Led Bulb Compatibility

    sorry if my searching and advance searching skills have failed me but can't find anything on this here.I have a Lutron Casseta Dimmer switch and the lights on the switch seem to work and when I go on the app it shows the lights are on or dim and matches the indicator on the switch but the pendent light on the ceiling is always on no matter if the switch says on or off.Google tells me that this means the bulb is incompatible.but when I try to see if there is a brand of C9 LED Bulbs that is compatible I can't find anything.has anyone got a G9 Led Bulb to work with the in wall dimmer? if so what did you use?John

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    First, try adjusting the low-end trim. The procedure should be in the installation instructions or Caseta Advanced Instructions.

    If that doesn't work, try the LUT-MLC (minimum load capacitor). They were originally designed for switches but Lutron has eased on there use with dimmers.
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    Hi JPWeld, if you head over to this will allow you to search all the LEDs that we have tested and recommend for our dimmers. If there aren't any G9 LEDs listed then we haven't tested any or we aren't able to recommend the ones we have tested. If you are using the PD-5NE then you can try adding the LUT-MLC to the circuit but DO NOT add the LUT-MLC to any other Caseta dimmers. The shunt capacitor is not compatible with them and will cause the dimmer to fail prematurely.

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    Why don't you install another lighting system? There are many websites on the internet where you can find a good lighting system. Not so long ago I bought some Led lights for my car from They have worked in this market for more than one year and have reasonable prices. If you are interested, find more information on their webiste. You can also get a discount as being a new customer. I hope you will find what you are looking for.

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