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Thread: Qsx , Lutron app

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    Qsx , Lutron app

    Hi , i wanted to see if someone knows if the new Lutron app will have some more features soon? I have QSX processor but it doesn’t have the schedules working yet. I am about to sell a new system but i am debating if I should buy the older processor because it has all the capabilities. If the upgrades are coming soon I’ll go with the qsx but cannot find any information about that. Thanks

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    3 months later and nothing? Did you go with QSX? It seems like a bad idea to use QS, which is already outdated, but it also seems like a bad idea to use a half baked QSX. I'm starting to think it's just a bad idea to use Lutron at all...

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    Yeah I really want to know what's going on with the QSX app. I get a cold sweat when trying to explain the benefits of QS to customers over Ra2 but have to give the disclaimer that right now is a transitional period where QSX is the future but still doesn't have the functionality that QS does...nor will it get some functionality at all...oh and it has to use the Caseta app. It's such a mess.

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