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Thread: Somfy Connect / QSE-NWK-CI

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    Somfy Connect / QSE-NWK-CI

    Does anyone have experience with the Somfy Connect

    It says it has "Lutron®’s Integration protocol built in," but the impinges how it communicating with a QSE-NWK-CI.

    My key question is, what's the workflow like, can I use Open/Stop/Close/Stop as my button type, or do I need to program a Sequence for every shade?

    If it is Open/Stop/Close/Stop, how do I address the shades, what does it mean that Lutron's integration protocol is "built-in?"


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    I have a similar project. Did you get the Somfy blinds via the Somfy Digital Network (SDN) via the Somfy connect interface working?

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    The Somfy Connect "listens" for keypad button presses and then then triggers the associated action. You create a fake load (i.e. motor switched), assign to a button and Somfy watches for that press via the broadcasted integration protocol command. You'll need the Somfy dealer to connect to the SDN and marry the right shade(s) to that given button press. Open/Stop/Close/Stop is an option in the Somfy sotware, but I find that it can't keep up with the Lutron commands and winds up feeling broken to the end user. I recommend Toggle or 2 different buttons for up and down.

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