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Thread: Telnet Integration Issue #MON Login

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    Telnet Integration Issue #MON Login

    I have setup RA2 to work with my Home Assistant and it's been fine for several months but now I'm getting telnet lockout due to multiple login attempts from a user #MON that is the ip address of my Home Assistant. I setup Home Assistant to access via the username lutron and password integration and I can still access my lights but my connect bridge has stopped responding. I can find my connect bridge via the connect app but can't connect to it and I sent my support file to Lutron and they said it's because of the telnet lockout. Any Home Assistant users know why it's trying to login using the #MON for monitoring and if there is a way around this lockout?

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    You can reset the telnet lockout by disconnecting the Home Assistant integration and either a) wait 15 minutes, or b) power cycle the main repeater. Then you can verify if your non-integrated system works.

    I'm not a big HA user, but I think the HA RadioRA 2 integration is mediocre. And there's not a lot of response to issues on their forum. A good alternative would be to set up your RadioRA 2 system on a Hubitat hub and then integrate Hubitat devices to your Home Assistant system (there is a HACS integration). One of the Hubitat founders has a RadioRA 2 system so there is a lot of functionality and support for issues.

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