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Thread: Lutron Maestro (with two companion dimmer switches)

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    Angry Lutron Maestro (with two companion dimmer switches)

    Approximately three years ago, I established a tri-switch configuration with a Maestro dimmer switch with two companions. Until recently the switches performed flawlessly, but a couple of days ago none of the switches worked and I could not turn off the light. Yesterday I took all three switches from the wall to check to see if any wires were loose or disconnected, and I found nothing. After playing with the Maestro switch, I was able to use it and turn off the light, but again it stopped working and performance was intermittent at best. I have read online that sometimes the switches just die, would that be what I am experiencing or am I missing something? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

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    Hello Postorino,Thanks for your post! There are a few different variable at play that could have caused this issue. As a troubleshooting step, would first advise to ensure the Lutron Maestro dimmer you are using is rated for LEDs (MACL-153M or MA-PRO) if using LEDs with it. Next would be to ensure those lamps are not blown out or need to be replaced. If nothing is making sense at this point, would advise giving Lutron's 24/7 Technical Support Team a call @ 18885887661 for troubleshooting help to understand the root cause of the issue. Hope this helps!

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