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Thread: Grafik T - Dimming Not Smooth

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    Grafik T - Dimming Not Smooth

    Hi all, I am using the Grafik T (GTJ-250M-WH) in the reno of my front room to assess whether I should use it as the new standard throughout the rest of my house. In general it works (on/off, dimming without flickering), however I am experiencing 2 separate issues that I have not fully solved. It is possible these are not issues and I misunderstood the product, but any help is much appreciated. 1. When I slide my finger it is not a smooth slow transition through a full dimming spectrum, but jumps between the 7 LED buttons. Is this the intended function? Are there only 7 dimming levels or should I be able to achieve a full spectrum as I slide my finger up and down? The videos seemed to give the impression of a full smooth spectrum. 2. The dimming is quite jumpy from LED 1 to LED 7. At first, buttons 2-7 were basically the same, close to max brightness with ever so slight variations. I thought this might be an issue with the settings/compatibility with the LEDs and I just need to reset the max light level to something a bit lower, and the lowest light level to something a bit lower. There does not seem to be an even split from 1-7 between the lowest and maximum brightness after setting this within the APM mode. There is noticeable jump from LED 1 to LED 2 to LED 3 with the rest being closer together (albeit, much better than before I adjusted the settings in APM mode). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Lutron dimmers generally have 100 steps (1%- 100%). You won't be able to get that many using the slider but you can through apps.

    Make sure you have the neutral connected. If you are using in a multi-location the dimmer should be at the end where the wire goes up to the light.

    It might be a bulb compatibility issue but since it does dim smoothly that doesn't seem likely.
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    Thanks Randy, I noticed that one light was a lot dimmer than the other 3 at the lowest level so I set the lowest LED to one step higher. It is paired with 4 downlights from 3G (trimless 3.3" recessed LED). The transition is smoother now but I'm definitely not getting the lower end that I do with the Skylark we have in our 2nd floor landing. It is possible the light paired with the Skylark switch in our landing is simply more compatible (Skylark II LED Pendant) vs. the 3G. We don't often have the Skylark that low, typically sitting at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, etc., so perhaps I'm splitting hairs at this point. I'll try a few more of the Grafik T's elsewhere and if it still bothers me I'll just get the RadioRA2 main repeater & Connect Bridge. I need to read up on how this all works together and start tinkering on my phone. I do love the way they look.

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