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Thread: Maestro and companion not working

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    Unhappy Maestro and companion not working

    I've followed the instructions to a T. Power is flowing through all wires at both the Maestro and Companion as tested with my electrical tester. The LED's on the Maestro don't even turn on. I've gone over it 100 times. I called the hotline and the guy on the other end had nothing for me. I've taken them back to the store and replaced them incase they just didn't work. Same result. Please tell me I'm missing something.

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    The LEDs not illuminating can be caused by 3 things.

    1. No power. It could be the breaker or the FASS being pulled. You have power so...

    2. No load. Depending on the model, the dimmer needs 50w of incandescent. LED bulbs vary so the minimum amount varies. You may need 1 LED or you may need more.

    3. It's dead. You replaced them so this doesn't seem likely.

    If your device has a neutral, make sure it is connected. It should also be at the end where the wire goes up to the light.

    Some of the wiring diagrams are funky. The power should come in on the black terminal and go out to the next device/load on the brass. The blue terminals all connect for communication.

    Check to make sure there are no other switches in the circuit. If the lights are controlled from 3 locations you need a dimmer and 2 companions.

    If you can find one, try an incandescent bulb. This will let you know if there is a compatibility issue.
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