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Thread: Wall switch for Scene selection

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    Wall switch for Scene selection

    Hi - I have two rooms that I would like to turn on lighting for at preset levels with a single switch. I have set up the scene in the Lutron 'App' and it works as planned but I would like to add a remote switch at the base of the stairs so with a single switch I can turn all the lights on to a preset level and when exiting, turn them all off. I know I cannot do this using a normal Pico PJ2-3BRL remote, but can I use the PJ2-4B-GWH-L01 four button remote? Is this the right one to use or are there other options?Paul

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    If you want to turn the lights in the two rooms on to a preset level at the same time you would use the PJ2-3BRL-GWH-L01 and pair that Pico remote to both devices in the app. Then you would set each dimmer to the level desired to turn them on to and then press and hold the circular "favorites button" on the Pico remote for 6 seconds until the LED on the remote begins to flash. Then to turn the lights on to the preset you would tap the circular favorites button.

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