Hi All,I have a project where I've used an LQSE-4M for some third party blind motors. My understanding was that if I edit the jog to latch time in the design/loads tab I can set the amount of time the keypad button needs to be held before the motor will latch on but I cannot seem to get this to work (I have individual raise and lower buttons on the keypad).If I hold the keypad button the blinds operate for as long as I hold the button. Release and they stop.If I tap the keypad button the blinds will operate for the time I've set in the jog field.If I press and hold the button for longer than the time set in the jog to latch field the blinds do not latch but will move until I release the button.I also tried changing the keypad button type from single action to single scene raise / single scene lower but this didn't seem to work either.Any ideas?