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Thread: Fan Motor and Light Control

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    Fan Motor and Light Control

    Hi,I currently have two switches in a single gang box (Leviton 5634) and see there is a Lutron Maestro MACL-LFQ type dimmable/speed control switch. Is there anything available in a Caseta that is similar or any other smart switch? Thanks.

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    No. Lutron has said for a long time this is an engineering limitation- adding radios to a dual device wouldn’t fit. It seems like they would have figured it out with all the advancements in silicon but apparently not.
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    I'm sure "engineering limitation" is the official Lutron response. I would like to point out the hybrid keypad which has a keypad, dimmer and radio. Admittedly the fan controls are typically much bigger than other devices. Most manufacturers have some kind of dual device with a radio. I don't know if any have a fan/light control with a radio.

    Pull-chain fans will soon be obsolete. I'd rather see Lutron improve the communication with other systems (like Hunter or even Zigby/Z-wave).
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