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Thread: Ghosting issue caseta controller PD-5NE and T4 LED bulbs--need help

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    Ghosting issue caseta controller PD-5NE and T4 LED bulbs--need help

    Just replaced old lightolier dimmer( with a Lutrom PD-5NE ) using the whilte neutral wire to my 2 theater wall sconces that use candelabra base T4 120 volt halogen bulbs---not low voltage. Two fixtures total.When I use the new Lutron PD-5NE dimmer using the original halogen candelabra base 120 volt T4 20 watt bulbs, it dims fine----no hum, no flickering no ghosting. Great. But when I install these bulbs---E12 LED Bulb Dimmable 7W C7 Bulb Equivalent to E12 Halogen Bulb 60W, Warm White 3000K T3/T4 Base 120V E12 Candelabra Bulbs for Ceiling Fan, Chandelier Lighting--- dimming works fine, no humming but when PD-5NE turned OFF there remains faint glow from lights ( what i call ghosting). Normally I wouldnt mind but in a home theater this can be objectionable.As I think about it I could just use new lutron dimmer with original halogen T4 bulbs and enjoy troublefree action with no ghosting BUT what to do if want to use LED bulbs. BTW I could NOT find any T4 or T5 lutron tested and approved LED bulbs-------just some G16.5----from GE----which mite work---will experiment. I did not try and change phase on the PD-5NE dimmer from what I believe was default reverse phase (ELV) to forward phase ( MLV, Incandescent). Wonder if that will work----any thoughts? Or other ideas?

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    Incandescent/halogen bulbs don't care about phase control. Applying reverse phase control to a device that wants forward phase can cause lots of issues like ghosting, pop-on/off, flickering, and limited dimming.

    I would definitely try the reverse phase setting. You may still have compatibility issues though.
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