Don't see any specific thread for people asking for specific Caseta features they want to see or hardware, but it looks like the random threads I've seen are similar to some of my wants. I generally really like my Caseta system that I have about 12-15 dimmer switches, 4 fan switches, 1 on/off switch (for porch lights) but there are still some missing features in the system that I would have hoped Lutron would have added in by now.The rest of my smart home includes a ton of Google Home/Assistant devices. I have Home assistant running for some zwave devices too, but I'd prefer to get rid of that because most of it is extra maintenance for things that Lutron/Google should handle (other then a fence sensor).Two main things I'd really like to see in Caseta's software.1. Local Home SDK - I'd be fine upgrading my bridge to a pro for this if it didn't mean I'd also need to have another hub (hubitat/homeassistant/etc) since this could be handled through a Google Assistant SDK. It would also mean my wife would be less upset when AWS goes down causing her not to be able to control lights.2. Additional light grouping - All the lights/fans are setup in their proper rooms currently and that works fine in Google Home/Assistant. But the main reason I actively use homeassistant is to also have a light grouping concept... like "turn on/off downstairs lights"... or basement lights.. upstairs lights... inside lights ... outside lights. It seems absurd that Google hasn't introduced this on their side yet either.As far as missing hardware in the caseta line.1. Indoor plugs (for holiday decorations/whatever). Currently have a couple zwave plugs but I'm thinking about moving to a wifi plug (C by GE).2. Outdoor plus. Same reason as above. Their are even less options to replace the zwave plug I do have.